Our Constitution


  1. TITLE

The committee shall be known as “Moray Jazz Club Committee”, hereinafter called the Committee.


The objects of the Committee shall be to advance the education of the public in the art of music and in particular jazz by organising mini jazz festivals and other related activities.


In order to achieve the objectives stated in paragraph 2, the Committee will have the following powers:-

  • To assist in planning, organising, managing, promoting and producing the event.
  • To promote jazz in Moray to as wide a range of people as possible.
  • To encourage young people to listen to and become involved in playing jazz by running jazz clinics.
  • To do all other acts as are incidental to the attainment of the objectives.

Membership is open to any person, company or body interested in the objectives of the Committee.


The Committee may establish sub-committees for such purposes and on such terms and conditions as they shall deem necessary.


The following officers shall be elected from and by the Committee for a period of two years:-

  • Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Such other officers as the Committee may appoint.

To be elected an officer will have to be proposed and seconded.  If there is only one candidate that person shall be considered elected if there are no objections.  If there are any objections these will be discussed and if necessary voted on at the meeting by a show of hands.  If the objection is rejected the candidate shall be considered elected.  If the objection is upheld a second election for that post shall take place.

If more than one candidate is proposed and seconded for a post a vote by show of hands shall take place to determine who shall be elected.

All votes shall be determined by a simple majority.  If there is a tie the Chairperson shall have the deciding vote except for the Chairpersons post in which case the Vice-Chairperson shall have the deciding vote.


If a member of the Club believes a member of the Committee should be removed from their post that person must submit their reasons in writing to the Committee.  The Committee shall address any such submissions at a Committee meeting at its earliest convenience.  The person who has made the submission shall be asked to attend the meeting.

After due consideration the submission will be asked for a proposer and seconder.  If they are received a vote by show of hands to remove the officer shall take place.  The vote shall be carried by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the meeting. If passed the officer shall be removed from the post and an election shall be held for the vacant post.  If the submission is not proposed and seconded or the vote is not carried the officer shall remain in the post.


An independent examiner shall be appointed by the members of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.  The first independent examiner shall be appointed by the Committee.  The independent examiner shall be responsible for a simple independent examination of the accounts of the Committee and shall report to the Annual General Meeting.


The Committee shall hold an Annual General Meeting for each year at such time and place as the Committee shall determine.  A Special Meeting of the Committee shall be called by the Secretary on the written request of three members or the unanimous written request of the officers or on the written request of the majority of the Committee.

Fourteen clear days notice, in writing, shall be given by the Secretary for all meetings of the Committee.  The notice shall state the reasons for calling the meetings of the Committee and in the case of a Special Meeting the terms of any motion to be put before the Committee shall be annexed to such notice.

Three members of the Committee, or such greater number of the Committee as the Annual General Meeting may determine, shall form a quorum.


The business at the Annual General Meeting shall include the election of the Committee, the appointment of an independent examiner and the consideration of an Annual Report which shall be prepared by the Committee of the work done by the Committee and of the report of the independent examiner and the accounts of the Committee.

The agenda and the accounts shall be made available to all members of the Committee prior to the meeting.

Any member may have a motion placed on the Agenda by submitting to the Secretary not less than seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

  • The funds of the Committee shall be applied solely towards the objectives of the Committee as stated in paragraph 2 thereof.
  • The Treasurer shall keep books showing all the income and expenditure of the Committee.
  • There shall be prepared and presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Committee independently examined accounts.
  • No officer or member of the Committee shall receive any remuneration or other financial benefits from the Committee or its activities other than reimbursement of his/her expenses properly incurred on behalf of the Committee.

No changes shall be made to this constitution except by a resolution approved at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Committee by a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting at such a meeting, provided always that due notice of the proposed motion shall be given to all members.

Any alterations to the above constitution will be notified to the Office Of The Scottish Charity Regulator in accordance with The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

  • The Committee may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those members present and voting at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Committee.
  • All remaining assets of the Committee at the date of dissolution shall be donated to a body that is a charity in law, having objectives similar to those of the Committee.
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